Crunchyroll Streams Marginal Prince, Gunma-chan Season 2 Anime

Marginal Prince available in Japanese dub with English, German, Spanish, French subtitles

Image via Crunchyroll © 2006 Mayuto Morimoto•Tomohisa Kai/Executive Board of St. Alfonso Academy

Crunchyroll started streaming the Marginal Prince ( Marginal Prince ~Gekkeijyu no Oujitachi~ ) anime, the adaptation of NTT Docomo ‘s dating simulation mobile game, on Wednesday. Crunchyroll also announced on Thursday that it will add the second season of the Gunma-chan anime.

Crunchyroll is streaming the Marginal Prince anime in Japanese dub with subtitles in English, German, Spanish (Latin America and Spain), and French. This is the first official English release for the anime, including its extra 14th episode.

The anime’s 13 episodes aired in Japan from October to December 2006. The extra 14th episode aired in Japan in July 2007.

The anime’s story centers on Yuta, who leaves his sister to study abroad at St. Alfonso Academy, located at a small island far from Japan. The academy is known as a special school for children of celebrities, and Yuta is perplexed by the grand and luxurious buildings and dormitories of the school. One day, a certain incident happened at the school’s dormitory.

The anime’s Japanese cast are:

Hideo Ishikawa as Stanislav Sokurov

Hiroshi Okamoto as Haruya Kobayashi

Hisayoshi Suganuma as Yuuta

Jun’ichi Miyake as Sylvain Clark

Kenji Nojima as Henri-Hugues de Saint Germain

Kōki Miyata as Mikhail Nevsky

Masakazu Morita as Alfred Visconti

Ryōtarō Okiayu as Joshua Grant

Shun Someya as himself

Mayuto Morimoto is credited for the original work, and Tomohisa Kai for the original character draft. Takayuki Inagaki directed the anime. Studio T&B , Tokyo Kids and GONZO were in charge of animation production, and Toshiko Sasaki designed the characters for the anime.

NTT Docomo released the original mobile game in Japan in August 2005.

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The second season of the television
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