BookWalker Global to Release ‘To Sir, Without Love: I’m Divorcing You’ Manga in English

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Image courtesy of Bookwalker Global BookWalker Global announced on Friday that it is releasing artist Iroto Tsumugi and original creator Kori Hisakawa ‘s To Sir, Without Love: I’m Divorcing You ( Haikei Mishiranu Danna-sama, Rikonshite Itadakimasu ) manga digitally in English for a three-month exclusivity period before it launches on other platforms.

BookWalker Global describes its story:

When Byletta asked her husband for a divorce, he said he will if she wins a bet…

Byletta, daughter of a viscount who has talents for swords and business, has been married to Arnald, son of a count, for eight years…however, he was away at war, and they hadn’t met even once.

When the war ended, she decides to ask for divorce even before she sees his face. She writes Arnald a letter saying “Dear Sir, I would like to ask for divorce.”

Arnald, handsome but had never loved someone, and Byletta, who was rumored to be a villainess, meet for the first time in their bedroom.

He asks for a wager, and guarantees her that he will divorce if Byletta wins. If he wins, they will stay married forever.

“If I can get you with child in a month, I win.” Arnald says. That was something Byletta could never imagine.
The manga launched on the Flos Comic service last year. Kadokawa shipped the first compiled volume of the manga on December 5.

The manga is based on Kori Hisakawa’s light novel of the same name with character design by Airumu . Hisakawa first launched the story on the Kakuyomu site in 2020, and the latest update was in November 2023. The fifth overall compiled volume of the novel series shipped on November 25 (but is labeled as the third volume in the series as Kadokawa released the first two volumes in two parts each).

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