Would you pay over $900 for a cup of coffee? Pricey drink from China sparks discussion online, Lifestyle News

How much should a cup of coffee cost? 

Well, one coffee shop from China thinks that 4,988 yuan (S$942) is a fair amount to pay. 

The establishment in question is Pumpli House, which is located in Hangzhou, reported China Daily. 

But why is it so pricey? 

The coffee shop claims that the coffee, called Carmen, is made from Geisha coffee beans, which was auctioned as the “Best of Panama” and costs a whopping US$10,005 (S$13,570) per kilogramme. 

According to Tasting Table, an American food-and-drink digital media company, Panama’s Geisha beans are grown in “small-scale volumes”, with “extra care to every step of the harvesting methods”. 

Apart from their rarity, the beans also have a unique flavour with notes of tropical fruit, peach and bergamot. 

And as Carmen is brewed with 15 grammes of these award-winning beans, it might explain the hefty price point. 

In fact, this isn’t even the most expensive coffee that has been sold in China. 

According to China Daily, the same type of coffee was featured at Dashang Group’s booth at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai and was sold for a staggering 6,999 yuan per cup.

Too much or justified? 

On social media, netizens can’t agree on whether the price point is justified.

According to China Daily, those who think it is say that as long as the pricing is transparent, individuals have the freedom to decide if they want to fork out that much money for a drink. 

To cite an example, netizens referenced luxury alcoholic beverages. 

Others disagreed and found it too steep. 

One prominent blogger – who was not named – even tried the coffee for himself and was left disappointed. 

Taste-wise, he described it as “spoiled leftover food” that tasted sour, and even said that he found it difficult to distinguish from regular coffee. 

According to China Daily, the country’s local market supervision authority has responded by saying that, as long as the ingredients are genuine, businesses have the right to set their prices.

And if consumers have any concerns about pricing, they can make a report, and personnel will be deployed to verify the situation.

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