What does the Redmagic charger tell us about the future of mobile accessories?


Need to charge fast? Well, the Redmagic charger might be for you
But what does this accessory tell us about the change in mobile gaming?
A lot, you might be surprised to know

Hardware manufacturer Redmagic is set to debut a new fast-charging accessory. The Redmagic DAO 150W GaN Charger (catchy name) is set to start orders on March 1st. But what’s interesting is that this charger doesn’t just tout its charging capacity for controllers and laptops, but also for Android and Apple devices.

So what does this fancy-looking piece of kit tell us about how manufacturers are viewing the potential explosion of mobile gaming customers in the near future?

Charge me up

With its strange clear plastic design, RGB lighting and other gubbins, the Redmagic Charger certainly appears to be a device built for gaming in both a good and garish way. But it’s the support for mobile devices that we found to be most interesting. After all, most people tend to be satisfied with the regular boxed charger that comes with their phone. However, it seems Redmagic are banking on a not-insignificant amount of people that need their phones charged, and charged FAST, a group of people that are – dare we say it – likely to be gamers.


And when you think about it, it does make a bit of sense. After all, most of the big games nowadays coming to mobile are quite graphically intensive, especially compared to others such as Clash of Clans or something like Coin Master. It’s often been noted that Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 8, two games released for iPhone are both big drains on battery, could it be that in anticipation of upcoming titles like Death Stranding and Assassin’s Creed: Mirage that Redmagic sees a potential new audience for gaming chargers?

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