VIDEO: Internet goes wild over clear tomato ketchup by Heinz — is it an actual selling product?

The viral clip shows an unidentified man picking up the Heinz Clear Tomato Ketchup from a grocery store’s aisle. — TikTok/@UKSnackAttack A video of Heinz selling Clear Tomato Ketchup, which appears to be a clear gel-like substance, has gone viral on social media but don’t get too excited because the product, which appears to be picked up from a grocery store, is not actually sold by the established company.

The Heinz Clear Tomato Ketchup frenzy started when a TikTok user documented buying the product from a grocery store and uploaded the video on his TikTok account, with the caption: “In the viral clip, one could see an unidentified man picking up the Heinz Clear Tomato Ketchup from a grocery store’s aisle.”

The bottle included a picture of a grey tomato instead of its signature red one to make the product seem more realistic. The man in the video also squeezes the bottle to show the clear consistency of the supposed ketchup.

The video has amassed over 994,000 views on TikTok and more than 25 million views across social media platforms.

The viral video, which may seem real, is actually fake because, according to Sportskeeda, it does not appear on the company’s official website or social media accounts.

Additionally, the company has not made any announcement about the product’s release at the time of writing, indicating that the viral clip holds no truth.

“If one watches the clip closely, there is also no Heinz Clear Tomato Ketchup line in the ketchup section. The product seemed to be picked up from the isle that contained regular red Heinz ketchup,” Sportskeeda reported.

“Hence, it is safe to say that the product is not real. It seems like the person behind the video created the product to go viral online. Netizens can verify such news by looking into what established news outlets report.”

Furthermore, this is hardly the first instance of a phoney product becoming viral on social media. 

Online, it is also possible to find snacks like chocolate ketchup, Pumpkin Spice cola drinks, and chocolate-flavoured chips.

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