Vandersall Collective releases new resource for churches navigating the election

How communities move from reactivity to faithful preparation

Since early January 2024, Vandersall Collective has heard from faith leaders sharing the concern about upcoming presidential election:

“I’m so anxious about the people who I love who may be impacted by the results.”
“I’m concerned about the rhetoric and dissension.”
“I don’t want to feel like we are in a state of reactivity.”
“I’m tired after the pandemic and can’t see my way forward through this fall.”

Rather than succumbing to a sense of overwhelm or becoming stopped in our tracks through dread, Vandersall Collective released a new curriculum to help church communities reflect on their values and priorities and to discern where to apply energy and focus. The curriculum creates a process both to consider how support might be given to groups of people who will be most impacted by the election Presidential election results, and to align a church community’s gifts and capacity with a concrete plan.

We do not know the outcome of the election. We do know there will be work to be done on Day 1, regardless of the outcome.

At the end of the Day 1 guide, participants will have:

A clear picture of how their community is feeling about the upcoming election and possible outcomes
A sense of perspective about potential outcomes of the election and who may be most affected
A manageable set of priorities to pursue as a community regardless of the election result
Steps to take for each priority based on the different possible outcomes
A deeper understanding of identity
A strengthened connection to one’s faith tradition and guiding theology as something greater than the influences of any one political season

The Day 1 curriculum can be purchased here.



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Vandersall Collective


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