USC vs Rutgers game will be won in the trenches

When we reached out to Rutgers Wire editor Kristian Dyer about the 2024 USC-Rutgers football game, we asked Dyer about the biggest key to this Big Ten game, which will air on national television on Fox Sports.

“I really want to see in the trenches on this one,” Dyer told us. “Everyone is questioning if USC can compete in the Big Ten along the lines. I don’t see it being an issue for USC, truth be told. But I really want to see USC going up against an offensive line for Rutgers that is experienced and veteran. Not the best in the Big Ten, but a unit that made a big leap collectively last year. For USC fans who don’t know, the Rutgers offensive line coach is Pat Flaherty. He was the offensive line coach for the New York Giants during their last two Super Bowl seasons. Two decades of NFL experience.”

Dyer has said in other separate conversations that Rutgers wants to become more like Iowa and Wisconsin, the programs in the Big Ten which rely on farm-grown strength up front. Rutgers might not get its linemen from farm country, but the point remains that Rutgers wants to be powerful and physical. USC will not face an opponent which tries to be clever in this game. Rutgers wants to knock USC off the ball and win with brute strength. It will be a test of USC’s renewed commitment to physical football.

This will not be a finesse football game. It’s up to Eric Henderson to have USC’s defensive line ready to thwart Rutgers’ smashmouth approach.

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