Urusei Yatsura Season 2 Ep 5: Release Date, Speculations, Watch Online

Episode 4 of ‘Urusei Yatsura Season 2’ is titled “Love Thief.” In this episode, Kurama asks the birds to find her a husband.

Using a computer, the birds find Rei and Ran having a date on a tree branch. The birds kidnap the two and show Rei to Kurama. Kurama immediately falls in love with Rei and kicks Ran away. Ran falls into Lum’s arms and begs her to help save Rei.

Rei continues eating rice balls at Kurama’s expense while Ran tries to rescue him. However, Kurama still doesn’t know about Rei’s true ox form.

Here are the latest updates.

1. Episode 5 Release Date

Episode 5 of ‘Urusei Yatsura Season 2’ will be released on Thursday, February 8, 2024. It is a weekly anime, and new episodes are released every Thursday. You can watch ‘Urusei Yatsura Season 2’ anime on HIDIVE .

I. Is Urusei Yatsura Season 2 on a Break?

‘Urusei Yatsura Season 2’ is not on a break this week. Episode 5 has not been delayed and will be released on the above-stated date.

2. Episode 5 Speculation

Ataru is the only one who has seen the Mizunokoji girl’s face. Shutaro and Ton think that the Mizunokoji girl is just a giant piece of armor. Ataru will probably tell Ton that a cute girl is inside the armor, which will make Shutaro eager to marry her.

However, from the reactions of the staff, Mizunokoji has probably never seen a man before. The girl was kept away for many years and is now at marrying age. Therefore, Shutaro will be the first man that Mizunokoji interacts with.

Ryutaro is heavily against Shutaro getting married to someone from the Mizunokoji family. Once the wedding is official, Ryutaro and Ataru will probably try to sabotage it. Both Ryutaro’s and Ataru’s motives are vastly different, though.

3. Recap of Episode 4

Kurama says she wants to find a guy now, and the other birds are confused about why it took so long. However, the bird says they have been searching for a match for years. It’s revealed that the bird is lying and desperately tries to find a hot guy for Kurama quickly.

Meanwhile, Rei eats snacks from Ran’s hand. Kurama’s machine sucks the two of them into her base. Kurama blasts Ran away, and she falls into Lum’s hands. Ran begs Lum to help her, and Lum tries to escape this situation.

Ran threatens to haunt Lum until she agrees. Kurama keeps making food for Rei to eat. Moroboshi notices one of the birds getting rice for Rei and jumps on board. Ran and Lum reach Kurama’s base again and threaten to fight her for Rei.

Rei immediately goes to Lum and tries to hug her. Kurama still doesn’t know about Rei’s true ox form, and the birds try to cover it up. Ran makes a massive sack of rice balls and falls into Kurama’s bedroom. Rei transforms and starts eating the rice balls, and Kurama goes to sleep in anger.

Shutaro’s father suggests that he meet with potential fiances. Moroboshi appears out of nowhere and says he wants to get engaged. Ryoko sends a message through a goon who hits Shutaro in anger. Shutaro’s father says that the girl is from the Mizunokoji family.

Ryutaro suggests that she marry Ton instead, but Shutaro refuses. Ton tells Shutaro that he doesn’t have a sister and is unaware. The lady of the Mizunokoji family shows up in colossal iron armor and starts acting shy.

The Mizunokoji girl | Source: Hidive

Moroboshi spies on the armored lady while she runs laps on the track. Startled by Moroboshi, the Mizunokoji girl slams him away into the nearby lake.

4. Where to Watch Urusei Yatsura Season 2?

Urusei Yatsura is a manga series by Rumiko Takahashi. It has a total of 374 chapters and was published from 1978 to 1987. Its anime adaptation received 195 episodes from 1981 to 1986. A new anime adaptation with selected stories began airing in October 2022.

In the series, a humanoid alien race invades the Earth but agrees that if the protagonist wins in a game of tag, they will leave it unharmed. Ataru wins against the alien girl, Lum.

Lum misunderstands and thinks Ataru is proposing marriage, and starts living with him and joins his high school. Ataru is a trouble magnet and gets stuck in weird situations pretty often.

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