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Episode 17 of ‘Undead Unluck’ titled “Outsmart.” After Billy’s betrayal, the Union tries to regroup and attack.

Juiz proves her leadership skills and immediately decides on the next plan of attack. Andy and Fuuko start flying toward UMA Burn, targeting it first before Billy. Andy manages to stop their escape after using the cryofreeze attack on Burn.

However, Billy’s ability to copy all negator abilities gives Andy a hard time in their fight. After Billy wins the battle, Burn fires up once more.

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1. Episode 18 Release Date

Episode 18 of ‘Undead Unluck’ will be released on Friday, February 9, 2024. It is a weekly anime, and new episodes are released every Friday. You can watch ‘Undead Unluck’ anime on Hulu .

I. Is Undead Unluck on a Break?

‘Undead Unluck’ is not on a break this week. Episode 18 has not been delayed and will be released on the above-stated date.

2. Episode 18 Speculation

Andy and Fuuko have discovered Billy’s ability and are forced to abandon the battle. In the final moments of the fight, Billy says that they are going after Ark. No one except Juiz in the Union knows what Ark is, and she will probably explain it in the next episode.

Since Billy was willing to trade Apocalypse for Ark, it is as strong or even more valuable than Apocalypse. Juiz will likely use the strength of Apocalypse to try to issue the following quests so that the Union can obtain more rewards.

However, Tatiana still wants to save Billy, and Andy is on her side. Andy, Fuuko, and Tatiana will likely try to attack Billy regardless of Juiz’s orders. With Rip and Latla on his side, Billy is nearly unkillable now, especially with the ability to use Undead.

3. Recap of Episode 17

Rip scoffs at how weak the Roundtable is, but Billy warns him not to underestimate the Union. Billy says the Union will probably return to halt Under’s momentum after regrouping. Rip warns Billy not to betray Under like he did the Union. Billy reassures Rip that they have the same motive, so trust isn’t needed.

Billy invites Tatiana to join him, but she’s frozen in fear after seeing his betrayal. Juiz immediately plans a counterattack to retrieve the Roundtable and orders everyone to focus on killing Burn first. Fuuko climbs on Andy’s back as they take off towards Burn.

Andy spots Burn, and Billy activates Unjustice. Fuuko cuts off Andy’s head and kisses him on the cheek. Andy’s head goes into Burn’s stomach as Fuuko’s Unluck causes a huge electric malfunction. The Union’s cryo seeds freeze Burn’s body as its body falls.

Fuuko | Source: Hulu

The Unbreakable Pile Cannon shoots through Burn as Andy scoffs at Billy. Andy charges toward Billy next to take revenge for making Tatiana cry. Billy uses Andy’s Undead to recover from Andy’s punch and then uses Unstoppable to run around the arena.

Billy uses Unjustice to force Fuuko to jump off the arena, and Andy jumps down to save her. Burn then recovers from the ice around him and starts burning again. Within five minutes, Burn will be out of the base. Tatiana flies upward after saving Andy and Fuuko, desperate to talk with Billy.

Tatiana asks Billy why he betrayed them, and he says that the world is unfair as long as God and the Rules exist. Billy uses Unjustice on Tatiana, and she releases Untouchable Area Release. Unjustice doesn’t work since Tatiana uses her ability on Apocalypse instead of Billy. Fuuko grabs hold of Apocalypse, but her brain gets filled with memories.

Fuuko loses her mind | Source: Hulu

Unfeel grabs Apocalypse before it gets away, and Billy escapes. Before leaving, Billy tells Juiz that he will obtain Ark. In exchange for Ark, Billy will let the Union keep Apocalypse.

4. Where to Watch Undead Unluck?

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5. About Undead Unluck
Undead Unluck is a manga series written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump since January 2020. As of May 2023, it is collected into 16 volumes.

The story follows Fuuko Izumo who has the ability to bring bad luck to anyone she touches. Tormented by her ability, she decides to commit suicide but fate intervenes when she meets Andy, an undead person who wishes for the ‘best death.’ The pair joins the mysterious organization, Union, which consists of people like Fuuko and Andy, and go on missions given by a book called ‘Apocalypse.’

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