TSM still in negotiations for tier-one LoL return with org now aiming for late 2024 revival

The wait for TSM’s return to League of Legends goes on, with the iconic Los Angeles organization this week admitting there are no plans locked in place for its long-heralded region shift just yet, though things are still in the works, org officials say.

Last year was a tough season for League esports, especially in North America, where there was a player walkout to protest Riot scrapping the requirement for teams to field a second division roster and the departure of three teams, including Evil Geniuses, Golden Guardians, and TSM. The last was perhaps the most shocking, with TSM unveiling plans to join another tier-one region as soon as possible—a shift that is still in the works as we head into 2024.

It’s been a long time since TSM made it to the LoL World’s Championship Series. Photo via Riot Games The org confirmed in a Reddit statement shared on Jan. 31 that despite negotiations continuing for the time being, “many hurdles” have meant it has yet to find another spot in any League competition. That is not expected to change in the immediate future either.

Nevertheless, TSM still hopes to return to League esports as quickly as possible and has now set a year-end term on their plans. That means we may have to wait until the first competitive split of 2025 to see the TSM branding on Summoner’s Rift in a professional standing again, and that’s if everything goes to plan for the org.

As for where TSM will eventually land, rumors have been circulating that the NA org is attempting to join China’s League of Legends Pro League, a.k.a. the LPL. This isn’t surprising as the LPL is considered one of the best League esports regions and, if TSM could find the right roster, may give the company a better chance on the World Championship stage.

The Jan. 31 update also flagged that TSM has also failed to find footings in several other titles, including Riot’s VALORANT as well as Call of Duty—which may be seeing its own overhaul as soon as next year—but the org will keep trying.

For TSM diehards who will continue to support the once-titanic org regardless of where its teams are fielded, you can expect more news in the coming months.

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