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I’ve visited the Thomson area several times, covering Windsor Park and Thomson Ridge, among other areas. Today, I thought it would be nice to cross (the very busy) Upper Thomson Road and tour Inglewood instead! Inglewood is slightly different from the other estates we’ve seen in this area in that it has a very uniform look: all the houses look very similar to what you see above, making the area feel much neater.

Secondly, it’s also more “heartland” than the other landed estates. With Windsor Park, Thomson Ridge, and even Teacher’s Estate further up, we see mostly landed houses, so everything is kept pretty private. Inglewood, on the other hand, is almost directly opposite HDB flats and a short walk from Bright Hill MRT (about 12 minutes walk as the roads are winding.)

Since I mentioned the proximity of the HDB (and since the houses in the estate are quite uniform) let’s do a quick tour of the area outside the estate before heading in.

OK, we’ve seen the main road now so let’s walk back to the Inglewood estate.

Let’s have a look at the masterplan: 

Now, in my Seletar Hills tour, I moaned about how difficult was to walk through the estate, given that it has narrow winding roads.

The road here is also winding (since it loops), but it’s slightly easier to walk here since the shape is predictable (a circle) and the pavement is slightly wider.

I then turn 180 degrees and this is why I say the Inglewood estate is like an English village:

That brings me to one point: I loved this area when I visited and found it lush, tranquil and peaceful. However, no kids were in the playground then! When the kids are out en masse, noise-sensitive people living in the surrounding houses may find it a bit too much for their comfort zone…

There appears to be something set up in the green field. Looked like something related to the Leang San King Temple located across the road. 

This brings us to the end of today’s tour. How did you find the area? Parents of young kids will be interested to know that The Inglewood is very close to Ai Tong Primary, a rather sought-after school (within one kilometre for most of the houses.) Unfortunately, the proximity comes at a price and, at the time of writing, a corner terrace here was going for $5 million.

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