‘They drilled through my floor’: Toa Payoh resident says renovation works below his flat damaged his home, Singapore News

A Toa Payoh resident was upset after he discovered that renovation works below his flat caused holes to appear in his home’s floor tiles.

The homeowner surnamed Chen, who lives on the second floor of Block 231 Toa Payoh Lorong 8, had found a hole in his bedroom floor sometime after the renovation works in a unit below commenced in October, reported Shin Min Daily News.

“When I was cleaning the bedroom, I discovered a hole on the floor under the mattress. There were some concrete debris as well,” said the 48-year-old chef.

“I checked with my family members if we had damaged the tile before going downstairs to talk to the workers,” he added.

When Chen spoke with them, the workers reportedly ignored him.

“They drilled through my floor and didn’t pay heed to me, so I reported the situation to the Housing and Development Board (HDB),” said the homeowner.

A home inspection was supposed to be conducted on Nov 6, but he found more holes in his floor that day.

“My mum’s shouts woke me that morning. It turned out that two more holes had appeared on the living room floor,” said Chen.

His mother, who is in her 70s, told the Chinese evening daily that she was startled by a loud noise.

“I saw the floor crack,” she recounted. “If I were standing a little closer, either my feet would have been pierced, or my eye would have been injured by flying fragments.”

Chen rushed downstairs and asked the workers to stop work. However, the homeowner said they ignored him again and became enraged by their attitude.

After the incident, HDB officers visited Chen and assured him that they will continue providing assistance.

On Nov 14, officers from the housing board and other relevant authorities returned to his flat and inspected the damage.

They would replace the damaged flooring with new tiles, but explained that it would take some time to source for the same type of tiles.

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