The Only Blazer I Wear All Year Long Is on Sale Right Now

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As a fashion writer, I’m always on the hunt for ways to upgrade my outfit without breaking the bank. When I spend all day writing about fashion, it’s hard to purchase literally everything I discover, but in this case, I’ve found the single item you need to elevate your wardrobe and upgrade your style — no matter the occasion: the statement blazer. Toss out the trends and invest in a piece that will last for years to come!

There are countless styles to choose from on the market, whether it’s a well-tailored double-breasted fit or a boxy tweed aesthetic to channel Channel. Yet, my personal favorite, and arguably the epitome of chic, is the relaxed-fit blazer. It exudes an effortless style typically associated with Parisians and coveted by fashionistas worldwide.

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Get the White House Black Market Relaxed Blazer at White House Black Market for just $129! 

The standout blazer of them all (at a price I’m willing to pay) is made by White House Black Market. Why? Because they have somehow managed to create a blazer that moves with me and doesn’t hold me back while I go about my day. Crafted from a blend of fabrics for durability and stretch, this relaxed-cut blazer offers a comfortable stretch that allows me to move freely, whether I’m running errands or jet-setting to Paris. Designed without back vents, this layout ensures a sleeker silhouette, enhancing your figure in the process. Additionally, the sewn-in shoulder pads contribute to strong undertones and sleek curb appeal. Plus, it’s currently marked down right now!

Style Three Ways 

All Business: Combine it with a matching wide-leg suit pant or opt for a flattering boot-cut fit. Add a belt around the waist on the outside of the blazer for a cinched look that offers a fresh take on suiting up. For a polished ensemble, consider accessorizing with a silky scarf around the neck. Too formal? Try a golden chain-link necklace.

Feeling Flirty: Style it with high-waisted pants such as jeans or silk cargo pants, and layer with a bralette or crop top underneath. The waistline of the pants discreetly conceals your tummy, while adding a pop of lacy color or a sweetheart-neckline crop top can make you feel incredibly sexy. Don’t knock until you’ve tried it (you can thank me later).

Trendy Approach: Experiment with a monochromatic look by incorporating shades within the same color family.  You’ll have the most success if you play with different textures and apply the “opposites attract” rule, like cashmere juxtaposed with silk. Personally, I love wearing my blazer over a silky camisole matched with Ponte oversized pants and a cashmere sweater wrapped around my neck as a decoration — because fashion is in the details.

Act quickly before they vanish from the virtual racks in your perfect size, as they’re currently priced at $129 — down from the original $185! This incredible offer presents an irresistible opportunity to invest in a timeless piece that will undoubtedly become a cornerstone of your soon-to-be iconic wardrobe.

See it: Get the White House Black Market Relaxed Blazer at White House Black Market for just $129!

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