Taylor Swift Fans Pressure Her to Speak Out on Palestine

Taylor Swift
Pressured to ‘Speak Now’ on Palestine …
Swifties Out in Force

Taylor Swift fans are putting pressure on the singer to speak out about the Israel-Hamas war … even going as far as demonstrating at the “Eras” tour over in Europe.

Following an airstrike on Rafah Sunday — which reportedly killed 45 Palestinians — several celebs have spoken out on social media, calling for a ceasefire. Taylor, however, has been noticeably silent … prompting the hashtag #SwiftiesforPalestine to gain traction on X.

Several Swifties have even recently expressed their pro-Palestine stance at her “Eras” tour in person as well … creating Free Palestine friendship bracelets and holding signs — which read “We Demand Swift Action” and “Speak Now” — encouraging TS to take a stand.

Some attendees have even taken to bringing Palestinian flags to her Euro concerts of late — with one image going viral for a fan reportedly hanging the flag on the balcony of their section at a recent show. Swifties are circulating these images and encouraging others at future shows of hers to do the same. At the moment, Taylor’s performing in Spain.

To all Madrid swifties who are attending the eras tour, please spread awareness about Palestine, whether it be bringing a flag, a sign or exchanging friendship bracelets. Be loud, be angry, make sure you are seen. #SwiftiesForPalestine pic.twitter.com/bJSx8tMzcf

— MÉLINA!! 🍉 (@melinaswifts) May 29, 2024

While Taylor has yet to address the situation in the Middle East, several of her collaborators have shared pro-Palestine sentiments on social media.

Paramore, who is currently opening for Taylor on the tour, called on their fans to donate to Doctors Without Borders, highlighting the work the org is doing in Gaza.

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The band wrote on their Instagram Stories … “We do not believe that support for our Palestinian friends and family equals anti-Semitism. We love our Jewish friends and family and pray for the safe return of the remaining hostages.”

They added, “That being said, we simply cannot support a genocide. We stand in solidarity with those calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire.”

Jack Antonoff, Taylor’s longtime record producer, also voiced support for Palestine … sharing the viral “All Eyes on Rafah” artwork — which was also posted by Joe Alwyn , Gigi Hadid , January Jones , Alison Brie , Tan France, Kid Cudi , Priyanka Chopra , among many others.

Taylor infamously avoided taking political stances early on in her career … making a splash in 2020 when she endorsed Joe Biden for president — a first for the singer at the time.

TayTay may need to say something sooner than later to appease her loyal fan base — ’cause this issue ain’t going away, and more famous folks are being pushed into taking a stance on it one way or the other. Time will tell if all this noise makes it onto her radar.

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