Suella Braverman’s imminent ‘letter’ bomb may kill Rishi Sunak’s premiership: reports

Suella Braverman faced a storm of protest for contentious remarks as home secretary before she was fired by Rishi Sunak. — AFP/File Suella Braverman’s Tory MP friends assert that she is getting ready to release a critical comment on Rishi Sunak’s reshuffle within the next 24 hours, saying that he is “highly unlikely” to survive until the next general election, implying that dissatisfaction within the party is mounting following yesterday’s reorganisation, Daily Express reported.

It coincides with rumours that Braverman would reveal her resignation as Home Secretary in a devastating speech within the next twenty-four hours.

As soon as the government learns about the Rwandan deportation planes from the Supreme Court, a letter or statement is anticipated.

There will be a massive response from the right of the party demanding that Britain quit the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) if justices support the Court of Appeal’s decision to prohibit them on human rights grounds.

Braverman feels that Sunak has “betrayed” her, according to several MPs, after she assisted him in gaining power and then suffered the fallout for the Government’s efforts to halt the tiny boats.

Sunak, according to one of Braverman’s allies, had put himself in “huge trouble”.

The MP said, “Basically, he has told the Red Wall that their values do not matter, that their seats don’t matter, he has a large group of MPs there now excluded from the Government who are not going to just take it.”

“Colleagues are getting more and more angry. I think yesterday many of us were in a state of shock, now there is just fury.”

“Really colleagues do not have anything to lose in trying to change leader.”

“They are going to lose their seats anyway if they do nothing so we may as well try to see what would happen with a different leader.”

The Member of Parliament stated, “I think it is now highly unlikely that the Prime Minister will lead us into the next election.”

While others have quietly submitted similar letters, only Dame Andrea Jenkyns has publicly acknowledged having done so thus far.

Still, a number of MPs have stated that they are “waiting to see how things pan out” but that “in the next week or two” they want to write letters to Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 Committee.

A vote of confidence may only be initiated by the receipt of 53 letters from Tory MPs.

A Member of Parliament commented, “I think it will take a few weeks but MPs on the right seem ready to go for it.”

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