‘SNL’: Weekend Update Trashes Trump’s Wild Rhetoric, Alabama’s IVF Ruling

Saturday Night Live ‘s Weekend Update went after former President Donald Trump‘s wild campaign rhetoric, as well as the Alabama Supreme Court ruling this week that frozen embryos created through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) are human beings.

Co-anchor Colin Jost began by quipping that, after Trump won the South Carolina primary earlier in the night, he “is now undefeated everywhere except court.”

Of the former president’s recent hyperbolic comments, Jost joked that they reminded him of somebody: the comic book supervillain Bane.


As for the Alabama Supreme Court’s decision, which has led to genuine concerns that right-wing judicial and legislative bodies could next end up restricting birth control usage, Jost called it “crazy.”“If you think an embryo is the same as a baby, try telling your wife, ‘Hey honey, I left our baby in the freezer,’” he joked.

Jost then interviewed a frozen embryo from Alabama (Marcello Hernandez), who explained that he really doesn’t feel like a person.

“I’m living at negative 200 degrees in liquid nitrogen freezing my non-existent nipples off. I don’t got a brain, I don’t got a heart–I’m like Tom Sandoval,” he joked.

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