Selfie at dentist chair lands drug trafficker in prison

Dentist chair selfie helps police to arrest drug trafficker. — Drug trafficker Khan Gorgulu. (Cheshire Police) A drug trafficker from Cheshire took a selfie while sitting on a dentist’s chair and sent it to his partner in crime. 

Little did he know that this seemingly unimportant act would become their ticket to jail time.

Cheshire Police meticulously pieced together the puzzle and identified Khan Gorgulu and his accomplice Giovanni Spada. After completing their investigation, police arrested Khan Gorgulu on 15 May 2021, a BBC report said.

The 23-year-old mafia mastermind from Wilmslow was found guilty by a jury at Chester Crown Court of dealing in drugs such as cocaine and cannabis. Khan got six and a half years in jail from the court.

His 37-year-old partner in crime already received a six-year sentence in October after he confessed to his involvement.

PC Sam Needham expressed satisfaction over their sentences, saying, “Our investigation placed both Spada and Gorgulu at the head of the organised crime group, pocketing large amounts of money from their criminal activities.”

“However, this case makes it clear that crime does not pay – both were brought to court to be held accountable for their actions and, despite Gorgulu’s efforts to deny his involvement, both are now behind bars,” he added.

The two sold drugs to rich people in Alderley Edge, where famous footballers usually visit. They did this from January 2021 to February 2022. They bought drugs from different places in the UK, like Rochdale, Essex, and Wales, and later sold them to local people, police investigation said.

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