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PUBLISHED ON December 07, 2023 8:30 AM By Venkat Gunasellan

KFC Spain is truly pulling out all the stops this festive season.

Best believe, its new limited-edition merchandise release will tantalise your olfactory senses.

Introducing Eau D’uardo. 

The name is a reference to the viral Eduardo meme in 2021, which was reimagined to be a Christmas tree ornament last year. 

make #eduardo great again

— KFC (@KFC_ES) March 3, 2021

The trend involved playfully assigning Spanish names to ordinary objects, and that’s how Eduardo the fried chicken came about.

The unisex perfume comes in the shape of—you guessed it—a chicken drumstick.

What does it smell like, you ask? Inspired by Colonel Sanders’ top-secret fried chicken recipe of 11 herbs and spices, the perfume boasts notes of geranium, mandarin, pink pepper, and bergamot.

The perfume is priced at €3.99 (S$5.77) and is available throughout Spain, with only 25,000 bottles up for grabs.

Making its debut on Nov 21 in a video a la a luxury perfume ad, the fragrance has garnered praise on Instagram. 

In the comments section, netizens were definitely shocked and impressed.

One user deemed the video a masterpiece, while another lauded the marketing team behind KFC Spain.

Someone even suggested it’s worthy of winning the Cannes Film Festival.

One user was shocked that money was spent by the fast food brand to make the advertisement. 

Say “I do” with fried chicken

Meanwhile, KFC’s popularity extends to our own backyard. 

Recently, a couple hosted a KFC-themed wedding, complete with a fried chicken bouquet, food props, and, of course, an array of the famed fried chicken.

Heather Wong and Xie Peng, avid fans of the fast-food chain, reached out to KFC, which agreed to sponsor a part of their big day held on Sunday (Nov 26) at Safra Choa Chu Kang.

On the wedding menu were 160 pieces of Original Recipe and Hot and Crispy chicken, as well as whipped potato.

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