Reviewers Say They “Can’t Live Without” These 25 Beauty Products, So You Should *Probz* Check ‘Em Out

15. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen that can also be used as your makeup primer, offering broad-spectrum SPF 40 without feeling greasy or leaving a white cast. I know, I know, trying to make sure you wear sunscreen on your face can be a pain, especially if you wanna wear a full face of makeup butttt, that’s why this baby is so perfect! A win if I ever knew one. BuzzFeed Shopping editor Natalie Brown says, “I have oily, acne-prone skin and use a prescription retinol to control things, which means I MUST use sunscreen on my face every day. My mom, who had been using this Supergoop stuff the whole time, got me a bottle of this cult-favorite for Christmas last year (moms do know best sometimes!!). I couldn’t be happier with it! A dime-size amount covers my entire face, because it’s translucent it leaves absolutely no white cast, and 10 minutes after putting it on, my face just feels like I applied a little bit of a nice moisturizer or makeup primer, not anything that’s grease-central, like sunscreen usually is. It does pill if I put it on too soon after my morning topical acne prescription, but as long as I give that script about five minutes to sink in, I have no issues. I’ve been impressed by the way my matte foundation glides over it, looks with it, and lasts with it.” 

Promising review: “I can’t live without this sunscreen anymore. Very easy to apply, gives a nice finish to my face after a skincare routine. It has a very pleasant finishing touch so I’ve been using it instead of a primer. It is invisible so no worries about the white cast at all. Can’t recommend it enough.” —Napassawan Makkason

Get it from Amazon for $18+ (available in four sizes and in a two-pack). 

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