Punishing: Gray Raven introduces new Omniframe and other new content in Wintry Shackles update


New S-Rank Lightning Omniframe, Lucia
Several new coatings for Lucia, Biana, and Karenina
Limited-time events and a collaboration event with Wønder will also be held

Kuro Games has announced the launch of the highly-anticipated Wintry Shackles update in Punishing: Gray Raven, bringing a storm of new content to the popular RPG. The patch marks the debut of a stunning new Omniframe alongside a new chapter that explores the secrets of Fort Winter as Lucia and Alpha engage in a heated battle. You can also expect the usual coatings and limited-time events.

At the forefront of Punishing: Gray Raven’s Wintry Shackles update is the electrifying new Omniframe, Lucia: Crimson Weave. As an S-Rank Lightning attacker, Lucia brings unparalleled power to the battlefield, wielding her formidable 6-star Signature weapon, Nightblaze. Her new coating, Zhuolu’s Rain, is inspired by ancient Chinese Miao culture and does a great job of showcasing Lucia’s Oriental charm.

Speaking of coatings, the update introduces a range of them for Lucia, Bianca, and Karenina. Stand out on the battlefield with Bianca’s Stigmata’s luxurious Solitary Dream coating or experience the dazzling fireworks show of Karenina: Scire’s March Hare coating during combat animations.

Here’s a tier list of the best constructs in Punishing: Gray Raven right now!

Cooking Lulu and Corrupted Battlefront are some of the unmissable events in Wintry Shackles. The former is more casual, as you have been tasked with managing Lucia’s restaurant successfully. In Corrupted Battlefront, get ready for an overhead angle adventure mode, where you must use character skills and complete level challenges wisely in order to gain maximum rewards.

If that wasn’t enough, the game is hosting a massive collaboration as well as they have teamed up with Wønder, a beloved figure in the European gaming music scene. Wønder’s passionate vocals will bring the Lucia: Crimson Weave theme song, Resounding Storm, to life, raising the game’s auditory experience to new heights. Fans can also look forward to an immersive music show featuring Wønder.

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