‘Not your school canteen’: Bugis shop owner kicks out 30 ‘obnoxious’ teens for allegedly wreaking havoc in her store, Singapore News

PUBLISHED ON November 06, 2023 8:17 AM By Ashwini Balan

The owner of a thrift store took to TikTok on Sunday (Nov 5) to express her displeasure after a group of 30 teens allegedly wreaked havoc and created ‘chaos’ at her clothing store on Saturday.

“They were loud, obnoxious and making a fool of themselves,” Aikigai’s owner, Venus wrote in her post referring to the group of teens that visited her thrift store at Golden Landmark Shopping Complex, Bugis. 

According to Venus, the group of teenagers blocked the store’s entrance and disrupted other customers from browsing the items, causing them to leave. 

Unable to deal with the group’s antics any further, Venus decided to kick them out of the store, saying that it was the “last straw”.

‘No public nuisance in my store’

She wrote: “Please, no public nuisance in my store. I will not hesitate in kicking you out.”

Venus shared that the teens “were not happy” when they were told to leave the store. 

“Aikigai is a sustainable store, not your school canteen. Not the zoo,” she said, adding that she usually meets the “sweetest and most down-to-earth” people most of the time.

Garnering over 220,000 views within a day, netizens flooded the comments section of Venus’ post with many praising her for how well she handled the situation. 

Some TikTok users were even curious on how such a large group of people gathered at her store with a netizen asking, “Is this a school trip?’

However, a few users felt that Venus was too rash in asking her customers to leave.

Police report lodged

In a follow-up video posted on the same day, Venus shared that as a mother and entrepreneur, this incident has caused her serious distress. 

Venus said that her intention in making the video was to “raise awareness for others to never to do this to her business and others too”.

A police report has been lodged against the teens for disrupting her store, said Venus. 

“If a similar incident were to happen again, I will not hesitate calling for assistance,” she added. 

‘No ill intentions’

Venus made an updated TikTok post on Tuesday (Nov 7) following the incident, that four of the teens from the group have reached out to her, apologising for their unruly behaviour at her store.

Stating that they were secondary school students, a teen explained that they were “curious to explore the thrift store without any ill intentions”.

“We’ll be more aware of our surroundings next time,” another teen wrote to Venus, deeply apologetic for the group crowding at her store.

Venus has since removed the first video of the incident.

Venus declined to be interviewed when contacted by AsiaOne.

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