No ball game: Cordoned off void deck in Woodlands sparks online debate, Singapore News

A void deck in Woodlands was cordoned off by the town council after it received feedback about the noise from children playing football in the area.

PUBLISHED ON December 01, 2023 10:18 AM By Claudia Tan

A cordoned off void deck in Woodlands recently got netizens discussing the town council’s decision.

This came to light on Nov 23 when an unidentified resident from Block 638 Woodlands Ring Road wrote in to local blog TMSG, saying that blocking off the area was “ridiculous”. 

The void deck was barricaded following feedback on the noise created by children playing football in the area, said Sembawang Town Council in a notice to residents. 

Along with the notice dated Nov 3, they also put up “No Ball Game” signages at the void deck. 

Although the space was temporarily closed to “prevent non-compliance temporarily”, the town council explained that the space was still available for weddings, funerals and other functions.

The move did not sit well with the resident, who said: “It is just boys who are playing football from the school nearby. (sic)”

The post from TMSG later appeared on Reddit, sparking a discussion among netizens who had differing views on the matter. 

Some said that stopping the kids from playing football at the void deck was a good move, remarking that playing football at the void deck could damage the estate’s facilities. 

Conversely, others wrote that closing the void deck was depriving the children of a space to exercise and socialise. 

One Reddit user wrote: “People can feel annoyed but it’s not a major inconvenience”, and shared that playing at the void deck was a good way to make friends. 

AsiaOne has contacted the Sembawang Town Council for more information. 

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