‘My whole body went numb’: Ann Kok reveals allergic reaction after eating bak kut teh, Entertainment News

Having a hot bowl of bak kut teh soup with rice makes a common meal for many of us.

But for local actress Ann Kok, such a meal apparently almost put her life at risk.

Speaking about her experience in the latest episode of JustSwipeLah, which was uploaded yesterday (Nov 6), the 50-year-old shared with host Jernelle Oh that she has a few food intolerances.

Ann said: “To me, the most serious is MSG.”

She shared that she once went to eat bak kut teh with a friend and had an allergic reaction.

“My whole body went numb, and my friend immediately sent me back [home],” she said, adding that she lost consciousness after that but was unsure if she had fainted or fallen asleep.

Her friend consulted a doctor about her condition.

“The doctor told my friend that in my situation, if I’m not sent to the hospital, I might die,” Ann said, shocking host Jernelle with her revelation.


Besides MSG, Ann also shared that she can’t drink milk or eat mushrooms.

“Once I eat mushrooms, I will get something like hives,” she said.

‘I don’t even have any suitors’

Jernelle also asked Ann to share her relationship status, to which the latter confessed that she was single.

“I don’t even have any suitors,” she added.

Jernelle said that she didn’t believe her and asked Ann about the last time someone tried to woo her.

Ann seemed to pause in thought for a moment, before coyly replying: “I’m not telling you.”

When asked about what she looks for in a partner, Ann shared that she likes “people who talk about non-meaningful things with me” but such people have “scared themselves away”. 

To this, Jernelle replied: “Because they treat you as a goddess so they won’t dare approach you!”

Ann also shared that she believes women should have high expectations when looking for a partner.

“Now [things are] different from the past; women are all very independent. So if you don’t find an outstanding partner, how can he complement you? Women need to be confident in themselves,” she said.

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