‘Most beautiful carry’: Dota 2’s Ame is already turning heads after return from retirement

Legendary carry player Ame is back from retirement, and he hit the ground running on the first day of BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024, impressing one of the latest TI winners, Yatoro.

Ame’s Xtreme Gaming made its tournament debut versus BetBoom Team, and the Chinese powerhouse didn’t flinch. Xtreme had total control over both matches, and Ame’s Naga Siren performance in the second game was enough to amaze Yatoro.

The star player said on his Telegram channel: “After watching 10 minutes of Ame’s game on Naga, I officially declare that this is the most beautiful carry game I’ve watched in the last year.”

The student surpassed the master. Image via Valve Ame and Yatoro are the Dota 2 definition of “game recognizes game,” since the respect these two players have for each other goes a long way. Yatoro won TI for a second time in 2023, and immortalized Ame on the Aegis of Champions by adding a letter that’s pronounced as Ame’s first name to his in-game tag.

Yatoro has been open about how his gameplay was inspired by Ame as he honed his skills watching replays from the Chinese Dota 2 scene. This respect goes both ways, as Ame also mentioned how he’s impressed by Yatoro’s skill while livestreaming during his retirement.

Ame’s return to pro Dota 2  was highly anticipated in 2023, and he’s finally back under the spotlight in Dubai. Ame is back for the full ride this year, since Xtreme will also attend DreamLeague Season 22, Games of the Future 2024, and ESL One Birmingham. Dota 2 fans are curious as to whether Ame will be able to carve his name into the Aegis himself to finally get rid of the title “the uncrowned king,” but even if he doesn’t, at least we’ll get to watch one of the greats in action again.

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