Moscow concert hall attack death toll feared to rise as 95 still missing

A view of gutted Moscow concert hall, Crocus City Hall. — Russian News Agency Tass The official death toll of the Moscow concert hall stands at 140, with 182 wounded. However, there are 95 others who are missing, according to a Russian news agency.

Last week, gunmen stormed the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, spraying concertgoers with automatic weapons and setting the venue on fire.

The missing individuals have appeared in lists compiled by emergency services based on appeals from worried relatives of the victims.

“These lists include people with whom relatives have not been able to get in touch since the terrorist attack, but who are not on the lists of wounded and dead,” Baza said. “Some of these people died, but have not yet been identified.”

Investigators in Russia said that the four attackers, armed with Kalashnikov automatic weapons, fired more than 500 rounds. The shooting began just before the Soviet-era rock group “Picnic” was about to perform to a full house of 6,200 people. Over 200 people may have been inside the blazing building when the roof collapsed.

Russian social media has been flooded with appeals to find victims. After the attack, lots of people turned to social media asking for help to find their missing loved ones. They joined a chat group on Telegram called “Crocus. Help Centre” to share names of those who were missing and to support each other.

“Was there anyone on the list named Igor Valentinovich Klimenchenko?,” one user wrote on Saturday night. “Can someone send the list of victims?”

One person in the chat was worried about their uncle who hadn’t been heard from since the attack. Another story from a different part of Russia told about a mother in the Bryansk region still searching for her son, Dmitry Bashlykov, who went to the concert with a friend who managed to escape.

The situation is still uncertain, with many families desperately hoping for news about their missing relatives.

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