Marlow on ‘Kudlow’: Democrats Got Bailed Out by the Supreme Court Decision

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief and New York Times bestselling Breaking Biden author Alex Marlow said Monday on Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow” that Democrats got bailed out by the Supreme Court unanimously overturning a Colorado Supreme Court ruling that disqualified former President Donald Trump from the ballot.

Anchor Larry Kudlow said, “Alex let me play this on unification after the Supreme Court decision.”

Trump said, “I think it is a very big day for America. It’s a very big day for liberty. It’s just a great day for this country. Again I hope it is unifying like I think. It is a big step toward unification.”

Kudlow said, “Alex, it may seem ironic that Mr. Trump is a guy defending democracy. It may seem ironic that Mr. Trump talking about unity. I’ll just add one more thing here: people don’t like Joe Biden. I know he is old, but he is mean. This is not the Joe Biden of 10, 15, 20 years ago. When I know him, by the way fairly well. I used to interview him on another network. He is mean. He is nasty. He is difficult. I think that that is killing him, among other things. Here is Trump as the unifier. What do you think, Alex Marlow?

Marlow said, “Yeah, I think Trump gets it. Trump understands if this election is about Donald Trump’s personal baggage then he will lose some of that lead. But if it’s a referendum on Joe Biden, if this election is about actually supporting democracy, supporting our republic. This Supreme Court decision, Larry, was a big win for the Democrats, too. If they were seen as the ones keeping the standard-bearer for the other side off the ballot this would have been disaster for them.”

He added, “They have been walking around telling us they are the authorities on democracy. If they were literally keeping the Republican nominee off the ballot in one state or multiple states it would have been such a horrible look. They never could have never defended that across the next six months. Now they don’t have too. They got bailed out in a big way. But the way Trump is talking has clearly learned some big lessons.”

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