Maid locks herself in Commonwealth flat, throwing chair and other items down block, Singapore News

Some residents in Commonwealth were roused from their sleep on Friday (Nov 3) after a domestic helper started shouting and throwing items down the block.

The commotion occurred at Block 52 Commonwealth Drive at about 4am, reported Shin Min Daily News.

Homeowner Rahim, 61, lives in a flat on the 20th storey with his 76-year-old aunt, who suffers from dementia, and their domestic helper.

He told the Chinese evening daily that the helper had started talking to herself on Thursday night — a sight which unsettled him.

When Rahim and his aunt were resting in the living room, he suddenly heard a loud yell at around 4am and discovered that the maid had locked herself in the master bedroom.

“I heard the sound of items being thrown downstairs and was afraid that she would do something rash, so I quickly called the police,” Rahim recounted.

The helper only unlocked the door after the police arrived. She also shouted and asked why they were taking her away, according to the homeowner.

“She does her work well and there have been no major problems. I know it’s not easy to take care of elderly people with dementia, but her behaviour today really scared me. Fortunately, my aunt was not in the room with her when the incident occurred.”

Responding to AsiaOne’s queries, the Singapore Civil Defence Force said that they received a call for assistance at about 5.15am and conveyed one person to the National University Hospital.

The police said they were alerted to a woman throwing household items from her residential unit at 5.12am.

The 34-year-old was subsequently apprehended under Section 7(1) of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act 2008.

Room in a mess

A town council staff member was seen cleaning up the scene by using a pole to collect items stuck on the railings.

Some items that the woman had thrown down the block included a pillow, clothes as well as a plastic stool which was seen hanging from a tree.

The master bedroom was left in a mess with clothing racks strewn on the floor.

A speaker, drawer and other items were also found laying along the ledge outside the master bedroom’s window. It is believed that the items had gotten stuck after the helper threw them outside.

Helper wanted to go home

Rahim also told Shin Min that the domestic helper started work in July last year and mostly took care of his elderly aunt.

A few months ago, the maid said she wanted to go back to Indonesia and had packed her belongings on Thursday afternoon.

“When I got home after work, I saw two large bags on the floor, and she told me she wanted to go home,” he recalled.

However, Rahim did not agree to her request as they had signed an employment contract for two years.

“I don’t know if this triggered her. Even though there are a few months left [on the contract], I definitely won’t dare to let her come back to work,” he said.

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