Lover named Ashiq kills girlfriend Fousia, shares body’s pics on WhatsApp Status

A representational image of a man strangling a woman. — X/@nationmediagroup Fousia, a 20-year-old nursing student, was found dead in a hotel room in Chennai, India after the photograph of her lifeless body on her boyfriend Ashiq’s WhatsApp Status raised an alarm among their common contacts, who notified the Chromepet police.

According to a TOI report, the police scoured the area and discovered the corpse inside a motel on CLC Works Road in Chromepet. 

Fousia, a second-year nursing student at Chromepet College, was residing in a New Colony hostel. She hadn’t been to college for three days.

The hotel staff informed the police that Fousia and her boyfriend, Ashiq, 20, of Kollam, Kerala, had checked in around 10.30am.

Police searched the area’s CCTV camera video and apprehended Ashiq from a neighbouring diner.

In reaction, Ashiq slapped Fousia and strangled her to death with his t-shirt before posting a photo of her body as his Whatsapp status, according to authorities. 

Some of Fousia’s college classmates, who also had his phone number, noticed the photo at about 5:00pm and called the police.

According to authorities, the two had been in a relationship for five years and had secretly married. They even had a baby that they had put up for adoption in Chikamagalur.

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