Lost and found: Local actress tearfully reunites with pet dog spotted running on highway, Singapore News

A dog which was spotted running on an highway has been rescued and returned to its owner. 

A clip of the animal on the loose was posted on TikTok by user Kumarsorojirkumar on Friday (Dec 1). 

The 22-second clip showed the animal trying to avoid the oncoming cars, as motorists tried to corner it. 

A traffic police car was also on scene to assist the group. 


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Kumarsorojirkumar’s video has since chalked up over 171,000 views, with several netizens identifying the animal as Katsu, the missing pet of local actress Debra Loi. 

On Saturday, Loi posted an Instagram video of her reunion with Katsu after a 48-hour search. 

In the clip, a tearful Loi approaches the police car to retrieve Katsu. Cradling the dog in her arms, the actress profusely thanks the police officer who brought her pet back. 

“Thank you Singapore police, thank you so much,” she said in the video. 


Shortly after Katsu was found, Loi took to social media to share more about the search for her pet. 

She explained that she managed to find her dog thanks to the many strangers who contacted her after spotting Katsu. 

Loi said that she received a call from a driver who spotted Katsu running on the highway, 

Although she couldn’t rush down in time, she thanked the various drivers and traffic police who helped to catch Katsu. 

“So many motorcyclists stopping; drivers and passengers putting their hands out, stopping the traffic behind, they helped to corner Katsu with the police. 

“It’s because of all of your help that Katsu could come back to me. I may not know you, and you may not know my dog, but I just want you to know that I am nothing but grateful and thankful for your effort and kindness,” she said in the video. 

AsiaOne has contacted Loi and the police for more information. 

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