Libertarian Candidate’s Drag Queen Comment Sparks Republican Backlash

A Libertarian presidential candidate’s comments about drag queens and drag shows sparked criticism from many Republicans on social media.

Over the weekend, Chase Oliver won the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, making him the latest figure to enter the 2024 race for the White House. However, many conservative social media users spoke out against Oliver this week after he was heard speaking about drag shows and comparing them to the children’s musical group The Wiggles.

“Libertarian nominee Chase Oliver: 99% of drag queen story hours are fine for kids. If he had children, he says he’d bring them to one and leave them there,” End Wokeness wrote on X, formerly Twitter, sharing a video of Oliver’s comments. “‘It’s just like the Wiggles.'”

In the video, Oliver can be heard saying that he thinks drag queens are “performance artists” and that “they want to be able to have different levels of the performance art. It’s the same reason why the Wiggles sing to children—because they want to have a marketplace to kids.”

“A man in a dress or a woman in a suit. That is what drag is,” Oliver said. “That is not inherently sexual. There is inherently sexual drag…there absolutely it but there’s also the ability to perform as a man in a wig without being sexual.”

Oliver went on to say that he attended a drag event himself and noted that “nothing sexual was going on.”

Newsweek reached out to Oliver’s campaign via email for comment.

Drag queen Brigitte Bandit reads a book to children in Austin, Texas, on August 26, 2023. Libertarian 2024 candidate Chase Oliver’s comments about drag shows prompting criticism from Republicans.

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The comments by Oliver went viral on social media, prompting many conservative users to criticize the Libertarian candidate. In recent months, many Republicans have taken aim at drag shows, with some saying that they expose children to sexual themes.

The backlash against drag shows has been going hand in hand with attacks against the transgender community by conservatives across the country. Some Republican-led states such as Tennessee, have sought to ban drag shows in public spaces that can be accessed by minors.

Robby Starbuck, a filmmaker and former congressional candidate from Tennessee, wrote on X, “The Libertarian Party selected a left wing libertarian to be their Presidential candidate. @ChaseForLiberty supports drag shows for kids, transitioning kids, bringing in people from Gaza to live here, funding Planned Parenthood with tax $$$ and open borders.”

“Terrible candidate. Hopefully all the right wing libertarians (which is the majority of the voters but not delegates), see how terrible this is and do the right thing by voting Trump in 2024,” Starbuck added.

X user @Travis_4_Trump said, “The Libertarian party just made a joke of themselves on the national stage. Instead of taking Trump’s offer for cabinet positions, they nominated a guy who believes minors can transition and police shouldn’t be allowed to detain and deport illegals who commit crimes. Good luck recruiting future generations to your cause.”

Another X user, @Mayoralpodcast, wrote, “The Libertarian Party nominee is an open border advocate, pro trans youth, pro drag queen story hour, pro choice & a ‘former’ democrat. Meet Chase Oliver!”

X user @amuse wrote, “LIBERTARIANS: The LP presidential nominee Chase Oliver promotes drag queen story hours for kids? The libertarian party has been captured by the left.”

Uncommon Knowledge Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground.

Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground.

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