Last Epoch’s player count blows past Helldivers and Path of Exile despite persistent server issues

Eleventh Hour Games’ action RPG Last Epoch has had a successful last few days, going from strength to strength despite server outages, surpassing over 247,000 concurrent players and counting on Feb. 25.

Last Epoch launched fully on Feb. 24, 2024, and broke Steamcharts by garnering over 150,000 players within the first twenty minutes of release, causing significant server issues from players getting disconnected mid-game to really long load times. However, it seems this isn’t stopping the hype for the game, as now the title has surpassed 264,708 all-time peak concurrent players on Steam. 

Last Epoch features great loading screens. Screenshot by Dot Esports
At the time of writing, it also has over 260,00 players playing according to SteamDB. It is also the sixth most-played game on Steam right now, surpassing games like Helldivers 2 and trouncing fellow ARPG Path of Exile in concurrent player counts at the time of writing, which is at 225,187 and 6,828 respectively. It has also notably surpassed the latter in overall peak Steam players, with Path of Exile‘s record at 209,526.

Meanwhile, while the developers are working to solve server issues, game director and founder of Eleventh Hour Games, Judd Cobler, has advised the developer team to stay out of Discord to “protect them from the negative messages.” This is seemingly due to the toxicity the developers are receiving due to these issues. 

“Discord users, while there are periods of instability, I am asking for my team to stay out of Discord to protect them from the negative messages that we see increase harshly.” Said Cobler, “Please be considerate that these are humans you are talking to.”

Last Epoch has been in early access since April 2019 and has been in development for much longer than that. It seems all the work has paid off so far, as the title only seems to be getting more popular by the day despite its hurdles.

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