Labrador Refuses To Back Down Over Stolen Cookie Hidden in Mouth

No matter how often an owner explains to their dog that they can’t eat a certain item, it only makes a canine want something more. As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

For one Labrador, his heart grows for cookies. Who can blame him? But, of course, dogs cannot have cookies since these desserts often include toxic ingredients to dogs such as chocolate, raisins, nutmeg or macadamia nuts. Cookies are also high in sugar, butter, and flour, and while not toxic, these ingredients are harmful to dogs and can lead to obesity.

Despite how harmful cookies can be, this dog still tries sneaking one past his owner in a May 16 TikTok video posted to the account @kenna0814. He thought he was being sly, showing his owner innocent eyes, and distracting her with paw shakes. She wasn’t born yesterday and he was caught red-pawed.

The text on the video reads: “Life with a Lab.”

Screenshots from a May 16 TikTok video of a Labrador trying to steal a cookie. The dog thought he was so sneaky pretending he didn’t have anything in his mouth.

This dog truly thought he could sneak one past his owner by staying calm under pressure as she started badgering him with questions and demanding he open his mouth. He kept moving his head to avoid his owner prying his mouth open, but it was not enough.

The owner managed to maneuver his mouth and reveal he did indeed steal a cookie. Defeated, he finally gave in. He let her win this time. But the owner knows there will be plenty more battles to come as this isn’t the first time he tried getting into items he shouldn’t.

The owner told Newsweek, via TikTok, that he tries to steal items often and that shoes are his personal favorite.

Viewer Reactions The TikTok video quickly reached viral status, bringing over 6.6 million views, 508,200 likes, and 2,090 comments.

“He just wanted a little sweet treat,” defended a viewer.

Another pointed out: “Distraction paw shake.” Dogs somehow always think doing a trick will make owners forget what they’ve done.

One TikTok user wrote: “He said, ‘Chocy lab get chocy cookie. Duh.'”

Others were cracking up that this dog showed so much restraint. “I’m impressed it was still in his mouth. My lab gets a hold of food, it is gone IMMEDIATELY,” said another.

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Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground.

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