Jerry Seinfeld Calls For Return Of Dominant Masculinity, ‘I Like Real Men’


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Jerry Seinfeld ‘s calling for the grand return of dominant masculinity — even though, he ironically acknowledges he’s not exactly the poster boy for that trait himself.

On the “Honestly with Bari Weiss” podcast, Jerry admitted his comedy career’s taken him on quite a childish journey instead of his desire to embody traditional masculinity. Still, he’s not backing down on his ideas about what it means to be a “real man.”

JS gave examples … reminiscing about the icons of masculinity who wowed him during his childhood — names like John F. Kennedy , Muhammad Ali , Sean Connery , and Howard Cosell , guys who grew up admiring and aspiring to be like — all of which he says are gone.

Anticipating some pushback on his views, Jerry cheekily added … “Yeah, I get the toxic thing. Thank you, thank you. But still, I like a real man.” Jerry also says he misses the unspoken hierarchy in society from back in the day … which he says simply doesn’t exist anymore, something he seems to view as a negative.

Jerry dropped his POV while discussing his new Netflix comedy “Unfrosted” — which was inspired by the testosterone-fueled Post v. Kellogg showdown for the title of the best cereal brand in the ’60s.

The comic pointed to his costar Hugh Grant as the epitome of manhood, gushing, “He knows how to dress. He knows how to talk. He’s charming. He has stories. He’s comfortable at dinner parties, and knows how to get a drink. You know what I mean? That stuff.”

Clearly, Jerry ain’t one to tiptoe around controversial topics — as proven again, he’s all about speaking his mind and “manning up” to share his views. Dude’s kinda on a tear lately. 😅

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