Jennifer Lopez, Netflix Banned Ben Affleck Questions Ahead of Premieres

Banned All Ben Questions
Before ‘Atlas’ Premieres

All Bennifer questions are off-limits, at least if you’re media covering Jennifer Lopez for her new movie — and reporters were warned about it before she arrived … TMZ has learned.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … Netflix alerted all the media outlets covering the Hollywood and Mexico City premieres for “Atlas” that no Ben Affleck , and no personal queries were allowed.

We’re told they were also informed J Lo would only do group interviews with her costars Sterling K. Brown and Simu Liu by her side — the studio’s version of calling in backup.

This strategy seemed pretty obvious over the last few days — no one at the Hollywood premiere, earlier this week, raised the topic of Ben … even though, by that point, everyone knew he and J Lo were living apart.

That plan didn’t go as smoothly Wednesday night in Mexico.

As we reported, Jennifer reacted sharply when a reporter asked about her marriage during a panel discussion in Mexico City. She chastised the reporter with, “You know better.”


Either he didn’t get the PR memo, or he decided to ignore it and simply do his job as a journalist.

For the general public, it’s easy to see why he would’ve asked the divorce question — it’s the biggest issue on everyone’s mind since we learned Ben is living in a Brentwood rental home , as Jen remains at their marital home in Bev Hills.

They reunited for a play starring Ben’s kid Fin, and also hit up a school event for Jen’s child Emme.

Doesn’t mean everything’s hunky-dory between the 2, but it seems like they’re trying to keep everything cool between them.

Ben even playfully hid his left ring finger Wednesday from paparazzi … smiling as he dodged any further talk about whether he’s wearing his wedding ring.

Bottom line … don’t expect Jennifer to field any more relationship questions — unless another reporter crosses the PR line.

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