Interview With the Vampire Is Entering Its Emily in Paris Arc

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Feb. 26, 2024

Interview With the Vampire Is Entering Its Emily in Paris Arc

Rebecca Alter ,
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In season two of AMC’s ridiculously watchable sexy gay dark fun Gothic thrilling did-I-already-say-sexy show Interview With the Vampire , Louis de Pointe du Lac has done what so many babygirls have done before him: decamped to Paris to get over his ex. In a new clip from the upcoming season, Louis (Jacob Anderson) sits at a cafe table in the 1940s, rambling about his photography habit, before Claudia (Delainey Hayles, replacing Metkayina clanswoman Bailey Bass) tries to get into a deeper convo about his ennui. “Who are you, Louis?” she asks. “I’m the reticent vampire of the Ninth Arrondissement,” he answers. “I walk the night capturing disappointment and regret as only the reticent vampire can.”

The clip cuts to present day, where we see that Daniel Molloy (Eric Bogosian) is reading through Claudia’s old journal. We also see that Louis is joined on the interview couch this season by Armand (Assad Zaman), whose powers of deflection are even stronger than Louis’s.

This clip was released alongside a teaser trailer for the upcoming season, showing plenty of blood, gore, and drama (literal drama: There’s a shot of the Theatre Des Vampires). So far, clips have mostly danced around the L-word, meaning Lestat (Sam Reid), but there is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of him in the teaser. Interview With the Vampire premieres May 12 on AMC and streaming on AMC+. Comment dit-on “slay”?

Interview With the Vampire Entering Its Emily in Paris Arc

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