iLLANG opens up global servers as the game officially launches on Android and iOS


Social deduction game for up to 20 players
Villagers must figure out who the wolf is
Launch rewards being given to everyone

Last month, Challengers Games announced their latest project titled iLLANG, which is a social deduction game coming to Android and iOS. After a successful soft launch on February 7th, iLLANG has now opened up its global servers, promising players from all corners of the globe an immersive and thrilling detective experience. If you’ve played the popular card-based game called Mafia before, you’ll find this concept pretty similar.

At its core, iLLANG is a social deduction game where 6-20 players take on the roles of villagers, illang (wolves), and foxes, each with unique jobs and skills. As you step into the village of Koji, you’ll find yourself surrounded by mystery as you’re tasked with solving an incident caused by the illang. Get ready to be put through a maze of deception and intrigue as you must figure out the identity of your friends and find the true wolf.

But it’s not just about solving the crime – it’s also about using teamwork and strategy to get there. With different jobs, skills, and minigames for each character, there’s a lot to do in Koji village. The experience is made more immersive with additional features such as auto-translation and emoticons that will help transcend any language barriers.

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As a token of their appreciation, the developers are offering 100 consecutive lucky draws and other special rewards to everyone to commemorate the game’s release. The game is currently available on mobile but there are plans for expansions to bigger platforms like Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox.

If this sounds like something you’d play with your friends, download iLLANG from the App Store or Google Play by clicking on your preferred link below. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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