Idaho Republican Caucus Results 2024

Winner Winner

Donald J. Trump wins the Idaho Republican caucus. Race called by The Associated Press.

Latest results from March 2

100% of votes in

Republican Caucus race called

Republican Caucus Candidate Votes Percent Chart showing percent Delegates Donald J. Trump D. Trump Trump Winner

33,603 84.9 % 32 Nikki Haley N. Haley Haley

5,221 13.2 % No delegates Ron DeSantis R. DeSantis DeSantis

534 1.3 % No delegates Total reported

39,584 100% of delegates allocated (32 of 32)

Note: County-level caucus results are not available.

What to expect

Doors will open for Republican caucuses across the state at 2 p.m. Eastern time, and those who arrive in person by 3:30 Eastern time will be admitted. There will be one round of voting, and those who were registered as Republicans by the deadline at the end of last year may participate.

There is no set end time for the caucuses. State party officials say they hope to announce an overall winner by 8 p.m. Eastern time and that more detailed results will be released after.

Idaho’s 32 Republican delegates will be awarded to the candidate receiving more than 50 percent of the overall vote. If no candidate meets that threshold, delegates will be awarded proportionally. Idaho Democrats will hold their caucus on May 23.

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