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PUBLISHED ON December 04, 2023 8:45 AM By Khoo Yi-Hang

The passenger filmed prying open the doors of a moving MRT train claimed to be stress testing them.

“My umbrella and my hand got caught in the doors before. I pushed them open [to free myself] and the doors opened quite easily,” the commuter told Shin Min Daily News on Monday (Dec 4).

“So, I wanted to test the doors and see if they would open while the train was in motion.”

The passenger claimed to have professional understanding of of the doors’ mechanics, and said that the actions performed would determine if the doors were safe.


A video of the passenger opening the doors of a moving MRT train on Nov 29 went viral, with the commuter managing to open a small gap before being confronted by an officer. 

Photos also showed the passenger lying on the floor of the platform at Ang Mo Kio station, surrounded by TransCom officers and SMRT staff.

The passenger also made a prior attempt at opening the doors of a train carriage at Braddell MRT station on Nov 27.

“This action endangers the safety of the commuter as well as others on the train,” said SMRT president Lam Sheau Kai, who added that SMRT is assisting in police investigations.

The passenger, who identified as a woman, told Shin Min she was receiving treatment at the Institute of Mental Health but declined to share her medical records.

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