‘I hope everyone can have an affordable meal’: 28-year-old hawker sells $2 Ipoh curry noodles for the elderly, Lifestyle News

With rising food prices, finding places that sell a proper meal under $2 is rare. 

But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. 

Ipoh-born Chang Siew Qi, 28, is one such hawker who still has pocket-friendly options on her menu. 

She’s the owner of Zheng You Mi Steam Rice Kitchen, which is located in a Toa Payoh coffee shop. 

The stall mainly sells Chinese soup and rice dishes but also has a $2 Ipoh curry noodle option. 

This simple but substantial dish features just noodles – either yellow mee, thin bee hoon, or a mix – and beansprouts doused in curry gravy. 

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News, Siew Qi shared that she wanted to keep the prices affordable so the elderly folk in Toa Payoh had an economical option. 

“In addition to the elderly, those who work nearby also buy economical meals. I hope everyone can have a simple and affordable meal,” she told the Chinese daily. 

Siew Qi shared that the curry noodle recipe is actually from a relative and she goes down to the stall at 6am every day to prepare it fresh.

Don’t want to just eat curry noodles by itself? She also sells an option with toppings like pork skin, long beans and fried bean curd skin for $4.80. 

If you plan on trying the curry noodles, do note that it’s only available from 7am to 11am.

After that, only the soup and steamed rice dishes – which are not available for breakfast – are available. 

Her previous business at Bedok had failed

Siew Qi, who has enjoyed cooking since she was a child, moved from Ipoh to Singapore 10 years ago to work. 

Prior to setting up Zheng You Mi Steam Rice Kitchen, she had opened a hawker stall at Bedok in May specialising in chee cheong fun.

However, due to poor business and low footfall, she had to shutter it after half a year. 

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