How to get away with paying extra money to airlines for checked bags?

Why do airlines charge extra baggage cost. — Future Travel Experience/File Many American carriers are increasing the cost of checked bags in 2024. Airlines such as the American Airlines have increased their price from $30 to $40, CNN reported.

Do you ever wonder why luggage cost so much?

According to a business school professor, the reason is tax law loopholes.

The US Code of Federal Regulations excludes baggage from the 7.5% transportation it charges airlines as long as “the charge is separable from the payment for the transportation of a person and is shown in the exact amount”.

What this means is that if an airline charges you $200 on a round trip flight including baggage, it will have to pay $15 in taxes. However, if the airline charges you $150 for flight and $50 for luggage it will only have to pay $11.25, saving them $3.75.

Let’s see how one can get away with paying airlines extra baggage cost?

Fly with airlines that do not charge To travel locally in the US, you can fly via Southwest or while travelling internationally, airlines such as Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways and Emirates do not charge extra for checked baggage, CNBC reported.

Skip checking a bag You can travel with a carry-on bag, saving time and money both. 

According to airport officers, passengers “can sneak quite a bit into the cabin”.

Get credit card or join frequent flier program Many credit cards, especially airline-branded cards, offer free checked bags as a perk.

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