How to beat Mammorest in Palworld and all rewards

When you first step foot onto your island in Palworld, you don’t have to walk very far to see the first boss of the game. Just north of your starting position in Palworld is a massive, level 38 Mammorest wandering around a valley.

Obviously, your level one self isn’t nearly ready to take on a Pal of that magnitude. However, when you are at the right level, you need to know how to take down Mammorest and what rewards you can earn for completing such a monumental task. The guide below showcases the best ways to defeat Mammorest and every possible reward for either capturing or killing it.

Defeating Mammorest in Palworld

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For reference, the Mammorest near the starting point of Palworld is what’s known as an Alpha Pal. These large Pals are scattered all across the island and are symbolized by an image of them in a circular icon on your map. If you capture them, you can tell they are an Alpha by seeing a red-horned icon next to their name in your Palbox.

With Alpha Mammorest being level 38, I only recommend trying to take it on when you and your Pals are around level 33-35. Alpha Mammorest has a little over 4,300 HP and requires at least a Giga Sphere to capture (you can use Mega Spheres but the capture rate is abysmal). Since Mammorest is a single Grass-type in Palworld, you can deal super effective damage on it by using Fire-type attacks. Some mid-game Pals such as Suzaku, Blazehowl, Pyrin, or even Vanwyrm will make your life much easier when fighting Mammorest.

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Once you’re at the right level and have the right Pals, I also suggest bringing along some form of gun to deal damage to Mammorest yourself. A Single-Shot Rifle or Handgun is preferred, though, as something like the Double-Barreled Shotgun requires you to be too close to Mammorest, who has some devastating close-range attacks.

As such, you should stay at a safe distance when fighting Mammorest and allow your Pal to deal damage up close. From here, it’s all about whittling Mammorest’s HP down until you’re ready to start throwing spheres at it. It’s best to get the Pal’s HP down to less than 200 to have the best capture odds.

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Whether you capture or kill Mammorest, here are all of the possible rewards you can earn from taking it down:

Ancient Civilization Parts High Quality Pal Oil Leather Precious Pelt
Your rewards will likely be a mixture of these resources, but sometimes you can earn all of them. The High Quality Pal Oil and Ancient Civizilation Parts are especially useful, so taking down Mammorest is certainly worth the effort in Palworld.

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