‘He kept chasing after me’: Wang Lei’s son attacked during livestream in Penang

While livestreaming in Penang, Wang Lei’s son, a  digital content creator, was suddenly set upon by a Malaysian online celebrity. 

The kerfuffle, which occurred outside a shopping mall in the Malaysian state, happened last Saturday (Nov 4) evening.

Wang Lei’s son, Louis, was doing a Facebook livestream at a Thai food street bazaar outside Island88, a shopping mall in Penang. 

Louis also goes by the moniker Sell Fish Boy.

A video of the incident uploaded by a netizen shows Malaysian influencer Nelson Phan approaching Louis who was standing among a group of people.

Phan then gestured for the others around the surprised Louis to move away, forcibly grabbing him by his neck and jacket from behind. 

The situation quickly escalated as others, including the Thai Hot Guys – who were doing the livestream with Louis – tried to pull Phan away from Louis.

Phan was also seen trying to kick Louis, who then walked away from the aggressor. 

Footage of the incident also shows the Thai Hot Guys trying to pry Phan away from Louis. 

In the video, Phan claimed that the group needed a permit to be livestreaming overseas. 

Another man, dressed in a white T-shirt, was also seen attacking the Singaporean livestreamer. 

Accuses Louis of hitting him first 

Later in the same video, Phan said: “Wang Lei, I was actually waiting for you tonight, but you’re lucky that your son was here instead.” 

He also accused Wang Lei’s son of striking him first. 

Phan also pulled out a packet of condoms and sanitary pads from his bag, and remarked that he had specially prepared them for Wang Lei. 

“I warned you before not to play with Malaysian women,” Phan stated in the video.

Phan has been known for outrightly expressing his disdain for Wang Lei over the latter’s “provocations and indecent acts” in Malaysia, reported Hype. 

According to Malaysian media reports, Phan was arrested by local police and detained for the attack on Saturday. 

In a Facebook livestream on Sunday, he later assured his followers that he was safe. 

‘He kept chasing me’: Wang Lei’s son 

On Monday, Wang Lei and his son went on Facebook live to address the issue and refute Phan’s claims. 

During the livestream, the younger Wang said he was trying to run away as Phan got aggressive with him. 

“He kept chasing me,” he remarked. 

Louis added he was attacked by another man dressed in white, who allegedly pushed him onto the ground and stomped on him. 

“Phan even went to the police to say that [my son] attacked him. We were the victims, but yet you claim that we were the ones that caused trouble?” an agitated Wang Lei said. 

“The event organiser also got approval for us to livestream at the event,” the veteran clarified. 

On Sunday, Eventers, the company in charge of the bazaar released a statement saying that they have made a police report about the incident. 

“We want to emphasise that Eventers strictly adheres to Malaysian laws and regulations of the local municipal council when organising any event, ensuring strict compliance with all legal requirements.” 

“Regarding any losses resulting from the conflict, we will actively take legal measures to hold those responsible accountable under the law.” 

The event organiser also reassured the public that the bazaar would continue to run as usual.

Speaking to Malaysian media outlet Sin Chew, the director of Eventers surnamed Cai said he knew of Wang Lei’s longstanding troubles with Phan. 

However, he couldn’t stop Louis from livestreaming at the event and could only play by ear. 

“The police told me that the activities [at the bazaar] comply with Malaysian laws, so they can continue,” Cai added. 

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