Good For Me AS Announces the Upcoming Launch of Betakaroten Gold and Hair Luxious on Amazon

Good For Me AS, a leader in wellness and personal care products, is thrilled to announce that its acclaimed products, Betakaroten Gold, Betakaroten Gold Black Edition, and Hair Luxious, will soon be available on Amazon. This expansion marks a significant milestone in Good For Me AS’s mission to bring the essence of Scandinavian beauty and wellness to a global audience.

Betakaroten Gold and Betakaroten Gold Black Edition: The Ultimate Tanning Supplements

Betakaroten Gold is designed for those seeking a natural, radiant glow year-round. This vegan-friendly supplement is enriched with essential nutrients such as beta-carotene, biotin, vitamin C, and copper to support normal skin pigmentation and radiance. Its formulation includes MCT oil from coconut, enhancing the absorption of beta-carotene for optimal results.

For those desiring an even deeper tan, the Betakaroten Gold Black Edition offers a more potent dose of 15 mg of beta-carotene. Both products exemplify Good For Me AS’s commitment to quality, embodying the Scandinavian approach to beauty through natural, radiant skin.

Hair Luxious for Her and Him: Innovating Hair Care from Within

Hair Luxious, a celebrated name under the Good For Me AS umbrella, presents a pioneering approach to hair care. Tailored for both women and men, Hair Luxious products are infused with selenium, zinc, and a full spectrum of B vitamins, including biotin, to promote healthier, stronger hair. This vegan dietary supplement is backed by Norway’s top hairdressers and boasts a 9/10 customer recommendation rate, highlighting its effectiveness and quality.

A Vision of Simplified Personal Care and Wellness

Frode Hundseth, CEO of Good For Me AS, expresses his enthusiasm for the U.S. market launch, “Our journey since 2017 has been about simplifying personal care with nutrient-rich products. With the introduction of Hair Luxious and our expanded range, including shampoos, conditioners, and styling products, we’re excited to offer solutions that embody wellness and beauty as a lifestyle. This is a step forward in our mission to share Scandinavian wellness and beauty with the world.”

As Good For Me AS products make their debut on Amazon, U.S. consumers are invited to experience the pinnacle of Scandinavian wellness and beauty. This launch not only represents an expansion in availability but also reinforces Good For Me AS’s dedication to quality, sustainability, and innovation in personal care.

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About Good For Me AS

Good For Me AS is a distinguished wellness company committed to excellence and sustainability. Renowned for partnering exclusively with manufacturers adhering to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), the company ensures the highest quality in every product. Emphasizing ethical sourcing, Good For Me AS’s portfolio, including the premium Vegamin D, is composed of the finest plant-based ingredients. With a steadfast commitment to vegan principles, animal welfare, and reducing its climate footprint, Good For Me AS embodies a deep-rooted dedication to health, ethics, and environmental stewardship.

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