George Santos expelled from Congress over lies, corruption, denting GOP majority

George Santos looks as the House of Representatives vote for new house speaker on October 18, 2023. — AFP George Santos, a Republican fabulist was booted from Congress in an unusual vote after his lengthy history of lying was uncovered and he was faced with many criminal charges.

The Long Island lawmaker fled Capitol Hill and avoided reporters after stealing donor dollars to spend on OnlyFans and Botox. He is just the sixth House member in history to be booted out, reported Daily Mail.

In a historic vote on Friday, 311 to 114, Republicans joined Democrats in removing the fabulist liar.

Santos rushed off the House floor only minutes before the vote that decided his fate. He quickly cautioned reporters that the House had “set a new dangerous precedent for themselves.”

Faced with a daunting vote tally, serial fabulist George Santos, 35, stayed defiant to the very end, but declared he would leave Congress if it was ‘God’s will.’

His falsehoods include creating familial connections to the Holocaust, 9/11 murdering his mother, working on Wall Street, recuperating from a brain tumour, being of Ukrainian-Jewish origin, and launching a charity.

It is the sixth time in history that Congress has voted to eject a member. It is also the first time a member had been ejected without a conviction or for supporting the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Santos avoided expulsion last month when 31 Democrats and the majority of Republicans voted to keep him, with many stating they would rather wait until an Ethics Committee report detailing his wrongdoings was released. Expelling a sitting member of Congress requires a two-thirds vote in the House.

According to the damning ethics investigation, he fraudulently transferred campaign money to pay for Botox treatments, Hermes bags, OnlyFans purchases, and casino cash withdrawals.

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