Gaga Donald Trump’s soft brain needs strong dose of ‘covfefe’, says Alyssa Farah Griffin

 Alyssa Farah Griffin and Donald Trump gesture during political gatherings. — X/@chipsomodevilla Donald Trump’s brain may require a strong dose of covfefe (or something similar), as per Alyssa Farah Griffin, cohost of “The View” and former White House staffer on Tuesday.

After moderator Whoopi Goldberg noted that Trump is a “couple of steps slower on the campaign trail” amid several “mental lapses” — including his claim that “Obama is Biden’s boss” and his incorrect reference to Sioux City as “Sioux Falls” despite being within the Iowa city’s limits at the time — the 34-year-old Republican cohost criticised her ex-boss’s cognition on Tuesday’s episode of the long-running talk show.

As soon as Sunny Hostin realised that Griffin was “the expert” on Trump’s behavior—having worked for the former president’s communications staff all of 2020—she threw the Hot Topics conversation to her.

“He is not as sharp as he was in 2016, and many of us would argue that he wasn’t that sharp then. You see a real decline in him. It’s a fact you can’t get past,” Griffin said. “Our country is so polarised that Trump supporters see that and they don’t think a thing about it. It doesn’t really affect them. [They say] ‘he’s my tough guy, he’s my fighter,’ but they see any gaffe of Joe Biden’s, and Joe Biden is ‘aging’ and he’s ‘too old.’ It’s a Rorschach test of where the country is.”

Griffin added that the age difference between Trump, 77, and Biden, 81, is just around three years, notwithstanding Hostin’s observation that “one rides a bike and one eats cheeseburgers” as they age. 

Additionally, Hostin referred to Trump’s constant references to Barack Obama as a “dog whistle” or a call to action for racist members of his voter base.

EW has requested a statement from Trump’s administration.

Following his departure from Trump’s 2020 communications team, Griffin has been vocal in his criticism of the president, calling him “reckless and unpredictable” at a speech in New York City on October 30. 

Federal prosecutors had an interview with her early in 2023 as part of their investigation into the Jan 6, 2021, uprising.

Early in November, Secretary of State and Trump’s primary rival in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton, made an appearance on “The View” to advise viewers not to support Trump in 2024, declaring that a second term of Trump administration would be “the end of our country.”

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