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PUBLISHED ON November 18, 2023 5:24 AM By Amierul Rashid

Kaya toast and half-boiled eggs are breakfast staples here in Singapore.

And when TikTok user Polkadotpassport, or Nicola, received a jar of kaya jam from her Singaporean friend, she immediately knew what she wanted to prepare for breakfast.

Apart from preparing some kaya toast and half-boiled eggs at home, Nicola thought it might be fun to spend the day eating just Singapore food.

On Tuesday (Nov 14), the UK-based content creator shared a 98-second TikTok clip of her Singapore food adventures.

@polkadotpassport The best sweet/ salty breakfast combo EVER! #singaporeanfood #singaporefood #kayatoast #laksa #singaporeanfoodlondon #boroughmarket #hawkerfood ♬ W.A.Mozart Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Allegro – AllMusicGallery

Describing the kaya jam as a “sweet spread” made of coconut and pandan, Nicola was amazed at just how simple a dish this was.

She simply spread a generous serving of kaya before adding a thick slab of cold salted butter on some toasted white bread and there you have it.

Thankfully, Nicola did not forget the all-important half-boiled eggs along with a dash of pepper and soy sauce.

Aesthetically, the eggs didn’t look the best and Nicola acknowledged this. 

“I had a bit of a disaster,” she admitted.

Regardless, Nicola thoroughly enjoyed her breakfast and highly recommended it to others.

Singapore classics

For lunch, she headed to the famous Mei Mei food stall located in Borough Market, London.

Nicola opted for what many would consider Singapore’s national dish, chicken rice.

Traditionally, this dish comes with seasoned rice, poached chicken and sliced cucumbers served with chill sauce on the side.

Unfortunately, Nicola found the chicken to be “bland” and “underwhelming”. She did, however, enjoy the flavourful rice and gave this dish a solid 7.5 out of 10.

To cap off her Singapore food day, Nicola made herself a hearty bowl of prawn laksa for dinner.

Well-loved among Singaporeans, this dish is commonly prepared with thick rice noodles in a coconut soup, topped with prawns.

“This is honestly one of my favourite things to cook,” Nicola said.

Her bowl of laksa also included a hard-boiled egg, beansprouts and a squeeze of lime.

Despite ending up with more noodles than soup, Nicola wasn’t complaining as she explained she simply loves the comforting nature of the dish.

In the comments section, netizens were impressed at how authentic her Singapore dishes were.

“Your kaya toast is on point,” one TikTok user said, while others asked for her laksa recipe. 

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