Fan-favorite femme fatale the Baroness is back in Duke #3

She’s back! The Baroness, one of the most popular GI Joe characters among fans of the long running military superhero franchise has made her debut as part of Skybound Entertainment’s new joint GI Joe/Transformers Energon Universe publishing line. And now, we’ve got a bit of Baroness for those of you who can’t wait to get more of the fan-favorite femme fatale in a preview of interior pages for Duke #3, the first of four GI Joe limited series through which Skybound is reintroducing the characters and concept of the venerable action heroes.

In the pages from Duke #3 by writer Joshua Williamson, artist Tom Reilly, and colorist Jordie Bellaire, Duke is trapped in a secret prison alongside the Baroness, who tries to tempt him into a team-up to escape. But will Duke cross that line?

Here’s a gallery of the pages, along with covers by Tom Reilly, Declan Shalvey, Tyler Boss and Jason Wordie, Priscilla Petraites and Frank Martin, and Karl Kerschl:

(Image credit: Skybound Entertainment) “Codename: G.I. JOE continues! Duke’s search for answers has led him to a classified holding site for the America’s most dangerous prisoners including the enigmatic Baroness,” reads Skybound’s official description of Duke #3. “Now he’s the most wanted man in the world. Unfortunately, everyone seems to prefer him DEAD over ALIVE.”

Along with Duke, Skybound has already launched its second GI Joe limited series, Cobra Commander, which is also written by Williamson with art from Andrea Milana and colorist Annalisa Leoni. The Energon Universe, which also encompasses Transformers, made its surprise debut as part of Skybound’s line in Void Rivals #1.

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