EXCLUSIVE: The CIA spy bases in Ukraine were part of a ‘series of coups’ started under Obama to upend stable governments

Jack Posobiec and Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer addressed the bombshell report the New York Times dropped Monday stating that there were 12 secret CIA bases built in Ukraine along the border of Russia before the Russia invasion, an operation which the outlet refers to as “goldfish.”

They explained on Human Events Daily that the outlet was essentially agreeing with Vladimir Putin’s accusation that the US and CIA were enacting a coup in Ukraine with the target being Russia long before the war started, something he repeated in his recent interview with Tucker Carlson.

“Very interesting timing on all of this,” Posobiec stated

Putin even said that this was one of the reasons for the invasion when he was declaring it during a speech.

Shaffer pointed out that both he and Jack have been saying for the last two years since the war began that it did not look “organic” or coming from out of nowhere.

“I think we both respect the fact that when we see something, we start pulling threads, and those threads sometimes unravel a tapestry,” he said.

In this case, he explained, the war originated from Ukrainians wanting to be part of the EU on the surface. But “you pull the string” and see that the global elites and establishment were “behind the scenes trying to prop this up as what we now call the color revolution.”

Posobiec went on to read more of the report which said that in 2014, the then-director of the CIA, John Brennan was “interested in developing a relationship, but only at a pace that the agency was comfortable with, with Ukrainian intelligence. The result was a delicate balancing act. The CIA was strengthening Ukrainians’ intelligence agencies.”

“This,” Shaffer responded, “is election interference. This is political interference. This is a form of coup d’etat. This is a form of foreign policy.”

They are “trying to basically break apart the Soviet Union, the Russian republic, because they believe a diminished Russia that is fractionalized, balkanized, if you will, will benefit the EU, and actually allow the European Union to become dominant in the region and overwhelm Russia,” Shaffer explained.

“This was the culmination of a series of coups that started within the Obama years trying to upend and overthrow governments, which you may not agree with, but they were at least they were stable,” he said.

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