EXCLUSIVE: Kenny Cody GOES OFF on Taylor Swift’s boyfriend—says he’ll ‘do anything for a paycheck’

Human Events columnist Kenny Cody went off on Travis Kelce, the football player who has become even more famous for being Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. On Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec Friday, Cody responded to Kelce’s official response to Harrison Butker’s commencement speech at a Catholic college in which Kelce said that he did not agree with most of what his teammate on the Kansas City Chiefs said.

“Taylor Swift’s boyfriend seems to be willing to do anything for a paycheck,” Cody said in response. “I mean, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to appease his corporate donors in the NFL.”

Of Harrison Butker, Cody said, “I think every man should look to Harrison Butker’s speech as to how we should model masculinity in the public media and the public in general. He represented in that speech what men are supposed to be. We’re supposed to love our wives, our significant others, and we’re supposed to embrace what the female and male gender roles are.”

One point that mainstream media and TikTok activists missed notably, Cody pointed out, was Butker “acknowledged that a lot of these women that have graduated from this college are going to go on to have successful careers” but said that “the most important role that a woman has is that of a homemaker, is that of a wife, is that of the mother of children and embracing the nuclear family.”

“But you know, people like Taylor Swift’s boyfriend,” he continued, “are the reason that Harrison Butker has to give this speech in general is because men are being emasculated. They’re being shamed.”

Butker said in his speech that men should be “unashamed” in their masculinity and values.

Posobiec pointed out that modern masculinity has become “synonymous with lifting weights, working out, drinking beer, watching sports, eating bacon, having a beard or whatever,” however those are simply masculine traits and not masculine values.

“And so masculine values are something that need to be brought back into the country,” he said, adding that it’s clear that Taylor Swift “wears the pants” in her and Travis Kelce’s relationship.

Watch the full episode below.

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