Ex-LCO org Vertex reportedly failed to pay LoL players, asked for jerseys back

A former League of Legends assistant coach has spoken out this week on behalf of his old team, claiming Vertex Esports Club—who departed Oceania’s LCO last year after just a single split—has withheld payment for several staff and players.

Jake “Hysterics” Osypenko claimed in a lengthy post on X on Jan. 31 that while he and several others had received their pay from Vertex, others were out of pocket and waiting for compensation six months after LCO Split Two ended. In the now-deleted social media posts, Hysterics shared screenshots of his and the team’s interactions with owner Jamie “JDU” Uncles, alleging the esports org boss had been “avoiding questions for months” and had even requested Vertex’s League team jerseys be returned after use, as per contract stipulations.

Hysterics has gone public on behalf of the affected players and staff. Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games In shared screenshots, Hysterics, as well as other members of Vertex’s League staff, requested updates or a timeline for payment from JDU on many occasions. “The large remainder [of staff] were told they would be [paid] after content in October, then December, then January,” Hysterics added, with the assistant coach and LPL caster stating patience had run out.

Gian “styled” Leon, who headed up the coaching staff for Vertex, said the amount still owed was around $15,000 AUD, while Ou “Medica” Bang-Ying added he is owed between $2,000 and $3,500, pending bonuses. Hysterics said he had reached out to the LCO but was told, “Since the org is not in the league anymore, there is not much they can do.”

The LCO echoed this sentiment in a statement to Dot Esports, saying the league has “limited recourse in assisting players and staff in these matters” and had made attempts to contact Vertex, but has not received a response of its own. “Vertex has signed agreements with the league, and to date, several of their obligations have not been honored. As a result, they were informed that they would not be offered a position in the LCO in 2024 unless they were willing to discuss rectification,” the LCO statement read.

Dot can also reveal the org’s Counter-Strike squad was impacted before its departure in January, with a source close to the team stating the allegations made against Vertex were true and affected them during their tenure at the org. Dot has reached out to Vertex owner JDU for comment but has not received a response at the time of publishing.

Update Feb. 2, 8:51pm CT: Dot Esports spoke to JDU early on Saturday, Feb. 3 (AEDT). The Vertex owner declined to formally comment beyond confirming the matter would be handled privately.

JDU also shared a statement to X/Twitter the same day, writing: “All allegations are extremely false and the matter will be handled privately as it should. The players who had concerns were never ghosted. Open lines were always available.”

Spoke to a few people today and expressed the ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to the matter

All allegations are extremely false and the matter will be handled privately as it should.

Appreciate all the kind words and understanding from majority of the community and those involved. https://t.co/hqpcnNypFN

— VERTEX dad (@VertexJDU) February 3, 2024 The original story continues below.

Vertex originally entered the LCO in place of PEACE, who controversially departed the league last February after breaching the team participation agreement for failing to pay players and staff, as well as being unable to secure visas before the beginning of Split One. PEACE’s removal meant the LCO ran with just seven teams in Split One before Vertex entered in May.

The team wrapped up the regular split in sixth, nabbing a spot in the playoffs and eventually finishing fourth before Vertex officials then revealed in November the org’s time in the LCO was up and that they would be departing the league immediately.

This is far from the first time an Oceanic org has failed to pay staff and players over the years. In 2015, Team Immunity was banned from the OPL for two years for failing to pay players, while Tainted Minds received a fine and a six-month probation in 2017. This publication also reported PEACE’s long-outstanding LCO payments months before the org was booted from the league.

Update Feb. 2, 8:51pm CT: Hysterics has since deleted his Jan. 31 social media posts. This article has been updated to reflect that.

This article will be updated with any further developments.

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